Nicole Lynne Hooley

Intuitive Healing


Intuitive Healing

A Ritual for Personal Empowerment, Natural Healing & Spiritual Alignment!

Are you in need of an Intuitive Awakening?

We all have intuition. It is one of the many things within us that has allowed our species to survive as long as it has. It is my goal to help work with people so that they can come to a place of clarity and understanding on how to better care for themselves via their own intuitive guidance as well as move forward wholistically in the direction of their highest good. 


An hour of unconditional Love...

These unique sessions include a combination of Reiki/Laying of hands, Deep Listening, Breath work, Chakra awakening, Crystal Healing, AromaTherapy, Ritual and an Oracle Reading. Nicole's intention is to activate personal practice and self care. Nicole acts as a guide to take a step toward deep Self healing and spiritual awakening. The healing work we do is on an energetic level with the assistance of your highest power, the angelic realms and Universal Life force Energy.

In my Intuitively Guided Healing Sessions I often combine a reiki treatment with some intuitively guided chit chat, crystals, aromatherapy, an oracle reading and anything else that comes up. These sessions are my highest joy! I often start to energetically pick up on the client I am seeing up to 48 hours before the session. For this reason I do not take these sessions lightly. I reserve them for people who will take them seriously and who are truly ready to take control of their manifestation process. I do not claim to heal you. I only serve as a guide so that you might realize your own personal power. These sessions require a level of trust, playfulness and readiness.


I am truly grateful to have found such a truly empathic, knowledgeable and skilled healer such as Nicole.

"I have had the privilege of working with Nicole the past few months. Nicole is a true intuitive healer and astoundingly wise beyond her years; I would sincerely recommend her to anyone who feels they are doing all the "right" things to advance themselves in this life but feel stuck or energetically trapped. 
In just a few sessions with Nicole, I was able to shift feelings of obsessive anxiety and a persistent inability to feel grounded. Relocating from Australia to New York, these were two issues I had just accepted would be part of living in another country, which turned out to be an unnecessary assumption. Shifting these blocks with Nicole's help has already a profoundly positive impact on my relationships and career in New York. 
It has been years of feeling like my insides didn't match my outsides and thanks to Nicole's help, the two are starting to feel truly reconciled. I have a sense of confidence and ease in moving forward that is completely new for me and I am truly grateful to have found such a truly empathic, knowledgeable and skilled healer such as Nicole. " 

— Erin


Availability / / Sunday 2-6pm, Monday 2-7pm, Thursday 2-8pm, Friday 2-8pm!